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pejal papin

2020-03-10 12:14:03 | Profile
Holy fucking shit this is too sadddd They were SO CUTE :((

patrick rens

2019-11-17 10:30:51 | Profile
bro i’m so old - i remember being so excited when this came out :(

Dakota Milling

2019-11-06 20:12:22 | Profile
14 year old me is crying rn wow what a memory lane


2019-10-29 15:19:09 | Profile
dedicated to my friend Jayden whose going through a break up rn and is a huge 5sos fan.

Галина Кузвесова

2019-10-18 15:28:41 | Profile
I think of my crush who moved to another country three years back. I still talk to her.

Michaela Winkler

2019-10-13 14:06:49 | Profile
Me: sees comments about how everyone’s cryingMe: hah, I’m not going to cry over a music videoMe, after watching the video: I was wrong. I am going to cry over a music video

7524 мидгард

2019-10-11 14:53:24 | Profile
Make more songs similar to this one... this is my favorite song so far to listen to

Bekjan Kurmanaliev

2019-10-02 04:37:20 | Profile
To be honest i just hear these song just last year. Im 30 yrs old now. I thought it was a new song cuz ivd never herd of it back in my youngest days.. I just found it out that its an old song when i search it here.i have a girl friend she was 17 years old that time and im 29 but i do look like 19.she was the one who introduce these song to me. The first time i hear it im allready fall for it. Its a verry beutyfull song and makes me feel young again evrytime i here these song. But now me and that girl is broke up. I miss these song and that little girl who introduce these song to me. I thank here for that. Pls take care wherever you are.

Do La

2019-09-26 13:17:53 | Profile
Oh, i miss that someone. He really had amnesia or does he just dont want me anymore