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Weezer Bill

2019-11-27 00:38:05 | Profile
Paul Simon and Chevy Chase have to be the best pairing since Batman and Robin.


2019-05-16 20:42:28 | Profile
So sad considering they are old men now.....

Dieguito dela cruz

2019-02-06 14:26:22 | Profile
Erre VEVO vagyok. ********************


2019-01-21 22:58:29 | Profile
Is it just me but I could listen to this at any time, wedding day, birthday, that boring day at school,


2018-11-15 18:31:18 | Profile
Wow, Chevy Chase was a great singer!

ranielli rocha

2018-10-19 10:32:08 | Profile
chevy for 2020 i am 62 this song still makes me crack up lord have mercy we the people need to smile again thank you paul and chevy where have the years gone baby boomer out :-)


2018-10-19 09:35:41 | Profile
oh if we can elect a tv star why not a funny movie star can you imagine the difference from sour trump to a chevy hilarious the world would be a better place

Windy Fray

2018-10-18 15:39:50 | Profile
Anyone else remember watching this music video on Pop-Up Video on VH1 in the late 90s early 00s?

Emi Clarke

2018-10-17 07:16:23 | Profile
Does anyone else think song would really suit Spider-Man far from home?

AJ White

2018-10-16 23:12:35 | Profile
Whut, Chevy Chase, how did this happen?!


2018-10-16 10:34:46 | Profile
Who is Betty??? Who is Al??? Why is this song so good??? So many questions

Bri Schuman

2018-10-16 05:29:36 | Profile
I love really love the humour Great idea


2018-10-14 23:58:04 | Profile
Chevy doing his "Simon". Too classic for words - need more clever... FUN Vids like this!

The Big Six

2018-10-14 23:47:46 | Profile
Only funny thing Chevy Chase ever did.

Lawrence Levy

2018-10-14 11:14:37 | Profile
Probably my favorite music video. I just love this.