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Craig Beattie

2020-02-20 02:27:54 | Profile
Omg my form tutor is called mr lee aha

Tomas Bradee

2019-12-14 20:30:01 | Profile
i came from the cosby show lol

Jerson Recines

2019-10-23 02:07:02 | Profile
I remember this from my childhood. This year I found this again, only to realize I thought they were singing about my dad, but they were not.

Jose luis Yebra

2019-08-30 16:22:44 | Profile
Bruce would love this number.

Dom Gilbert

2019-08-22 03:18:03 | Profile
About Curtis Lee...dig the sax solo!


2019-08-09 15:53:13 | Profile
This song is great! I love it.

Keenan Jenkins

2019-07-22 17:13:22 | Profile
I found this after looking for my teachers name


2019-07-02 12:12:47 | Profile
I had a teacher called mr leeit was so funny we just sang the mr lee mr lee mr lee part but reay fasthe rang are parents..

Andriy Yena

2019-04-21 19:36:27 | Profile
I tell you who they were talking about if anyone wants to know believe it or not it was my father not kidding