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Puke Diewalker

2019-10-18 05:49:41 | Profile
That is just lovely, true country music which was really folk art and not the kitschy bling that came later. It just goes to show how money screws everything up. This music was born of hard people living hard lives.

Татьяна Белецкая

2019-10-03 17:11:43 | Profile
this song is God damn nice.

Avion Gordon

2019-09-09 07:41:50 | Profile
Oh My! This music stirs my soul; from back in those days when America still had roots. Today, we are a rootless tumbleweed hurled about by aberrant winds.

Freddie De Haan

2019-08-22 16:12:39 | Profile that some good stuff


2019-05-29 16:42:32 | Profile
Sounds like Sarah, singing lead.

Ina Mariana

2019-05-26 22:03:31 | Profile
When people were still people.