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2020-04-13 09:31:47 | Profile
Pineal gland widened ...


2019-11-16 17:04:49 | Profile
My love for the drums will never end. Forever and ever amen!

Grey Escarcega

2019-11-09 17:37:34 | Profile
Karmen today you left me. We were never really close but it still broke my heart. Im sorry I never told you how highly I think of you. Im sorry I didnt notice your struggle earlier. I hope the pain ended now. I will show this song to my kids and tell them about you and my regrets about not listening to you when you needed me.


2019-11-07 18:47:38 | Profile
Who else Is Going To The drums Concert Tonight?

J Job

2019-11-05 10:00:02 | Profile
I wish I knew why is does it feels so good to come to any song section and share how you feel

kokching teong

2019-11-01 23:58:16 | Profile
its my 4th time that I listen to it today

Chris Gabler

2019-10-29 11:04:36 | Profile
I found this band when I started falling in love with a foreigner I was with her for about half a year then she left back to her country and I left her about two weeks ago because I don’t know really she was perfect and I still loved her I still do but maybe in another life I’ll be with her but I just gotta face the fact she wasn’t the one even how bad I wanted her to be